PECARN Network

Stack of BindersThis section contains the names of the principal investigators, nodal administrators/managers, as well as federal partners.


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Rachel StanleyPrincipal Investigator:
Rachel Stanley MD, MHSA
GLEMSCRN Node Principal Investigator
(614) 722-4555


Sherry GoldfarbNodal Administrator:
Sherry Goldfarb, MPH
GLEMSCRN Nodal Administrator
(734) 763-7488


Krista WheelerNodal Administrator:
Krista Wheeler, MS
GLEMSCRN Co-Nodal Administrator
(614) 355-7693





BabcockPrincipal Investigator:
Lynn Babcock, MD, MS
HOMERUN Node Principal Investigator
(513) 803-2956


Stacey Liddy-HicksNodal Administrator:
Stacey Liddy-Hicks BS, BA
HOMERUN Nodal Administrator
(513) 636-1951


CobbCo-Nodal Administrator:
Patricia (Tricia) Cobb, MS, CCRC
HOMERUN Co-Nodal Administrator
(513) 636-1732






Peter DayanPrincipal Investigator:
Peter Dayan, MD, MSc
PEM-NEWS Node Principal Investigator
(212) 342-4176


ShragerNodal Administrator:
Raquel Shrager
PEM-NEWS Nodal Administrator
(212) 305-4687


NolascoCo-Nodal Administrator:
Yakira Nolasco
PEM-NEWS Co-Nodal Administrator
(646) 317-0097






ChunPrincipal Investigator:
Thomas Chun, MD, MPH
SPARC Node Principal Investigator
(401) 444-6882


RyanNodal Administrator:
Erin Ryan, MPH, CCRP
SPARC Nodal Administrator
(401) 444-9264





Nathan KuppermannPrincipal Investigator:
Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH
PRIME Node Principal Investigator
(916) 734-1535


Daniel NishimjimaCo-Principal Investigator:
Daniel Nishijima, MD, MAS
PRIME Node Co-Principal Investigator
(916) 734-1535


MaroisNodal Administrator:
Maria Marois, PhD, MPH
PRIME Nodal Administrator
(916) 734-0373





Eileen KleinPrincipal Investigator:
Eileen Klein, MD, MPH
WPEMR Node Principal Investigator
(206) 987-2708


Bonnie StrelitzNodal Administrator:
Bonnie Strelitz, MPH
WPEMR Nodal Administrator
(206) 987-2939






Principal Investigator:
E. Brooke Lerner, PhD- Chair, PECARN Steering Committee
CHaMP E-RNC Principal Investigator
(716) 645-9726



Nodal Administrator:
Dipesh Patel
CHaMP Nodal Administrator
(716) 645-9722





Michael DeanPrincipal Investigator:
J. Michael Dean, MD, MBA
DCC Principal Investigator
(801) 587-7572


Sally Jo ZuspanProgram Director:
Sally Jo Zuspan, RN, MSN
DCC Program Director
(801) 585-9284


Melissa MetheneyAssistant Program Director:
Melissa Metheney, BS, BSN, CCRC
DCC Assistant Program Director
(801) 213-3587




Federal Partners

Diane Pilkey Nurse Consultant
Diane Pilkey, RN MPH
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)


Patty Fanflik Health Scientist
Patricia (Patty) L. Fanflik, PhD MFT MS
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)