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PECARN Training

PECARN has developed a training module for investigators who are interested in submitting a concept to PECARN.


Definition of Terms

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DCC: Data Coordinating Center: the data coordinating center for PECARN.

EIIC: EMSC Innovation and Improvement and Improvement Center

MCHB: Maternal and Child Health Bureau

HRSA: Health Resources and Services Administration

HEDA: Hospital Emergency Department Affiliate: a hospital participating in the PECARN research network

NDDP: Network Development Demonstration Project: a previous name for the PECARN network

PECARN: Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network: the multi-institutional research network for pediatric emergency medicine

PECARN GLEMSCRN: Great Lakes EMSC Research Network: the RNC based out of the University of Michigan

PECARN HOMERUN: Hospitals of the Midwest Emergency Research Node: the RNC based out of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

PECARN PEM-NEWS: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Northeast, West and South: the RNC based out of Columbia University – Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York – Presbyterian

PECARN SPARC: San Francisco-Oakland, Providence, Atlanta Research Collaborative: the RNC based out of Hasbro Children's Hospital.

PECARN PRIME: Pediatric Research in Injuries and Medical Emergencies Node: the RNC based out of University of California, Davis

PECARN WPEMR: West/SW Pediatric Emergency Medicine Research Node based out of Seattle Children's Hospital

RNC: Research Node Centers: the six organizational nodes that oversee the HEDAs



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