PECARN Network


Multi-Center Validation of an Implicit Review Instrument to Measure Quality of Care Provided to Children in the Emergency Department

Study Type: Retrospective Review
Enrollment: 650
Consent: No


The overall objective of this proposal is to validate a structured implicit review instrument that measures the quality of care provided to children presenting to EDs, and to identify factors associated with differences in quality of care provided to these children among a diverse cohort of EDs and patients across the United States. The implicit review instrument entails peer review of medical records by experts in the field, and has been shown (in studies involving one teaching hospital and several rural hospitals) to have acceptable reliability, internal consistency and validity. By applying this structured implicit review instrument to the national PECARN collaborative, the project will demonstrate that the instrument is reliable and valid, and can be used to measure quality of care for any cohort of children in any ED setting (given its successful prior application in rural EDs). The project additionally should identify factors related to quality of care that will assist health policy makers to generate specific policy recommendations with regard to training, staffing and practice guidelines. Furthermore, healthcare academicians, researchers, providers, and policy makers in developing recommendations for quality benchmarks, standards and policies aimed at improving the quality of care delivered to children presenting to EDs across the country could use the validated instrument and results of this study in combination with other national quality efforts.


Study Datasets: