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CT Scan With IV Contrast Alone (CT IV): The Role of Intra-abdominal Fat (IAF) on the Sensitivity of CT IV to Visualize the Normal Appendix (IAF Appendix)

Study Type: Retrospective and Prospective data collection
Study Period: 2009 - 2010
Enrollment: 280 patients


This was a retrospective study using a preexsisting database of abdominal CT scans. The purpose of this study was to examine whether intra-abdominal fat plays a role in visualization of a normal appendix and whether we can predict which patients will have adequate IAF, and thus forgo oral contrast. The authors aimed to determine the ability of radiologists to visualize the normal appendix with CT IV in children and to assess whether IAF adequacy affects this abilitiy. The study also aimed to assess the association between IAF adequacy and patient characteristics.

Data collection was performed at 16 PECARN hospitals enrolling children 3-18 years with a CT scan for whom appendectomy history was known. Radiologists re-read CT scans to assess appendix visualization and IAF adequacy.


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